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Hey everyone... I'm new and wanted to introduce myself.

I'm Nikki, 22 and just graduated from college in May.  I work--and got my degree in--Journalism and Public Relations and I love it.  I'm one of those few, lucky people who don't mind going to work on a normal day.  I live with my best friend and sorority sister, and am dating a wonderful guy who I love more than anything.

So why am I here?  Well... I'm EDNOS.  Everyone who knew me when I was 18 and a freshman in college thought I was anorexic, and they were wrong.  I've been EDNOS since I was 18, not anorexic.  The people who "knew" all think I recovered sans therapy... and even though I'd go through spurts of crash-type dieting, I thought I had recovered too.  But I was wrong.  I'm not quite sure when it started again, like, REALLY started, but I'm definitely full-fleged EDNOS again.  The guy I'm dating knows and is worried about me, but I'm too wrapped up in it to stop.  I used to weigh 160 (I think I weighed more than that but don't have proof of it), and since October I've gotten down to 132.5.  I actually lost two pounds in one day.  I'm starting to get kind of scared of myself, and I'm not looking for anyone to bail me out or "talk me out" of my EDNOS... I'm just always glad to have new places to write about it and people who REALLY understand.

I'm going to post a picture from March and a picture from today so you can see where I was and where I am.  I wasn't trying to lose weight until September or October, but the March picture is a good reference point.

Feel free to friend me and check out my journal.  I ramble a lot and use it mostly for weight stuff and boyfriend stuff, so hold on tight if you read it!



March, 2006... I'm on the left.

From today (11/22/06)... the thing jutting out is my hip, not my stomach, I promise.

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