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I new here.

I'm Kristi.
I'm 17
ED: EDNOS(Ana) (Bulimic Tendencies)
HW:128(after a big meal) Normally 125
LW: 102
STGW: 111
LTGW: 97
BMI: 19
Height: 5'5''
How Long: 2 Years.

I'm gonna start by saying I feel like I'm not th e normal Anoretic. I got days without eating, then much on say a few handfuls of cereal (GoLeanCrunch-Kashi; 190 Cals/1 cup) Then I puke. It's simple. Well or the last two weeks that's what I did. In total I ate around 1500 calories, all of which were thrown up. I started at 123 and ended up at 111. Then I went out to eat last night with my boyfriend and ate a sandwhich, and some chocolate. ( no purging) I weighted 115. WTF?

What I want to know. is if what I'm doing is gonna kill my metabolism. if how I don't eat for so long will in the end make me gain even more weight I really have no idea. I think that's why my weight shoots up after I eat.
Someone tell me how this workks.??? Please.
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