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The Thought is Thin

we're all in it together

We're All In For Thin
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This is a community for support. For friends. For the hope to achieve our goals. What goals, you might ask? Those that revolve around weight loss. You might be overweight, anorexic, bulimic, or just a normal girl who woke up one morning with the idea that she wanted to be thinner to find a place here.

This is a place where the people mentioned above can relate to each other, discuss, spill their hearts out, talk about what is going on in their life and learn. Confessions, ideas, questions, all are accepted. Having people to support you is always a must in these kind of situations.

In order for this community to work without the interventions of people who do not understand that sticking together is a better way of coping with what some describe as an eating disorder, a lifestyle, a diet or any kind of goal related to weight loss, this community is members only. Join if you intend to contribute anything to this community. Do not join to criticize the members’ choice of losing weight. Respect it.


Please remember to post 'friends only', so only the members can read. Un-locked entries end up being deleted.

Introduce yourself when you join, tell us your story, tell us about you. Show your statistics and pictures of yourself if you desire.

Feel free to give your opinion in the discussions that take place. New subjects are invented all the time, you might be able to inform people of certain facts or learn some yourself.

Post as much as you want, but don't forget that comments are always appreciated by others and that this is what this community is all about.

Thinspiration pictures (pictures of what you want to look like, thin people, people that make you want to keep on) are always very welcome! You need them to keep track of your goal.

Low calorie recipes? Everyone loves them!

Share gym exercises! What is your workout like, what are your favourites, which work...